VVCA Hall Rental Rates

(Revised on 11/02/2017)

Paid Members Only Non-Member

Type of Rental Deposit Rental Fee Deposit Rental Fee

Event for 1-50 guests $200 $75 $250 $300

Event for 51-80 guests $200 $100 $250 $300

Children's party $200 $50 (Paid Members Only!)

Funeral luncheon $100 Free $100 $100

No D.J.'s allowed or really loud amplified Music.

RENTAL RATES: Member rental rate is based upon paid membership for the current year.

DEPOSIT: Covers clean-up and damages and MUST be paid at the time of date confirmation. The DEPOSIT will be returned to the renter within 7 days of the event, after inspection is completed.

CANCELLATION: Notice of cancellation must be made 30 days prior to the event.

Late cancellations may be subject to a $50 fee.

KEYS: Keys will be made available 1 week before the event. RENTAL FEE must be paid at the time that the keys are received. Keys must be surrendered at the end of the specified clean-up time, or the DEPOSIT will be forfeited.

CHILDREN'S PARTY: A children's party is a party of up to 80 guests where no alcoholic beverages are to be served and the event will end in the early evening. [** Paid Members Only ! **]

EMERGENCIES: In case of emergency situations such as police action, fire, flood, medical necessity, etc., that require use of the Hall by the proper authorities, regular rentals will be cancelled and any moneys returned.

Use of the Hall for luncheons or dinners after funerals will be donated by the Association to all current Village members. Non-Members will be subject to a $50 RENTAL FEE.

BREAKING THE RULES: Party and or Noise after Midnight, leaving a mess, leaving ruts in the grass. Excessive noise in the street after the party is over. Damage to building or property, Toilet or Sink clogged. Trash or Dirty Items in the Recycle Cans. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT.

For further information and reservations, please contact:

PAUL BERKER at 847-276-1162