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Mail to: V.V.C.A. , P.O. Box 542 , LAKE VILLA, IL. 60046

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(We have the largest HOA in Lake County; you should want to be a part of it, although not required.

ONLY $25.00 for the year) [$5 increase over 2017.. first increase in 20 years]

?         Increased amenities ? Not just well-maintained amenities, but walking trails, 2 beaches, boat launches, and 2 parks.

?         A large hall to rent for parties

?         Added layer of support in dealing with neighborhood property issues -?

?         Community bonding and communication among neighbors ? A great way to make new friend!!!?

?         Increased community pride ? Who wouldn?t be? proud to live in ?well run community

?         Great incentive when selling your home

?         Community activities held throughout the year.

? We want everyone to join in and have a say in their community, bring your family, neighbors and fresh ideas to these meetings!!!? Our meetings are pet friendly too!!

What is VVCA? Why should I belong?

The Community Center was built and donated by the original developer of Venetian Village specifically for the use of its residents. By law, to have such a building and grounds, we must have an Association dedicated to its upkeep. Venetian Village Civic Association is a `Non-Profit' Home Owners Association dedicated to the preservation of our Village Hall and its grounds. This is Your Home, Your Village, Your Community Hall. If we, the residents, don't take care of it, no one else will _ and it will be gone - forever.

To have a Village Hall/Community Center is a plus, when & if the time comes to sell your home. Unlike other Associations, we are TOTALLY on our own for financial support. Absolutely NONE of your taxes goes towards the Hall or grounds! Insurance for the building, heat, telephone and all expenses for the building's up keep is paid from your yearly fee and rentals. (See enclosed Newsletter for financial report.)

The yearly fee of $25.00 goes towards the upkeep of your Village Hall. The sticker you receive lets authorities know you live in Venetian Village and thus have free access to any Lake County parks & lakes, as well as our own Sand & Miltmore Lakes. The Hall can be rented for Family Reunions, Graduations, Weddings, Confirmations, First Holy Communions, Baby or Wedding Showers.

Every first Thursday of every month at 7:00 P.M. we hold meetings. We need ten members of the Association present at this meeting to hold a quorum. These meetings are held to plan events, discuss what needs to be fixed in the building, plan events, discuss problems in the community and how we can solve them. We need to have more members attend these meetings.

Please get involved. This is Your Home, Your Village, Your Community Hall.

We would like to thank all the residents for their support, both monetary and voluntary. It appears that about 35% of our residents are carrying the load for the entire community. The building is in dire need of upgrades & with the majority of our residents pitching in their fare share we can accomplish this task for all our future.